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David Walsh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“He has no idea what is causing the problem”, I thought to myself as I watched the building maintenance technician check the temperature sensor on the wall and shine his torch into the air vents in the ceiling. I had recently graduated with a Computer Science degree and I was working with the software giant SAP at their new 5 star offices in Walldorf, Germany. The temperature outside was 26 degrees but our office was always too cold.

I complained to the building manager. “You’re right, it is very cold in here,” said the maintenance technician, “but everything looks okay on the building management system, so I’ll just increase the temperature in the room.”

“Has that fixed the problem?” I asked.

“No, but you will not feel so cold”.

“That’s crazy”, I thought to myself. “There is a fault in this building; wasting energy, making the equipment run harder and making the office cold. Now it’s been “fixed” by making the system fight against itself! Surely there is a better way of doing it.”

The idea for CIM Enviro was born.

Anton Mazkovoi

Chief Technology Officer

Since joining Atlassian as their first full-time employee in 2003, I have been passionate about building world-class Software Engineering teams who make globally renowned products. I love playing a role in helping young companies grow and reach their audacious goals. In my opinion, there is nothing quite as thrilling and exciting as building a successful business from the ground up.

When I met David and the CIM Team, I simply could not walk past an opportunity to work with amazing people and use cutting edge technology to not only shape an amazing business, but also contribute to improving the environment around the globe. Companies where great people, amazing business opportunity, truly interesting technology and ethical goals come together, are truly rare.

Since I’ve joined, the ride has been everything I dreamed of, and I am really looking forward to shaping the industrial internet sector as part of the CIM Enviro Team.

Adam Saville-Brown

VP of Growth

I met David in a time of my career where I was eager to join a company that had a great product-market fit and was ready to grow. CIM Enviro had a product that was being well received in the market, and prime for expansion. As the VP of Growth, I see my role as driving our Marketing and Sales objectives amongst multiple teams in a unified approach to hitting our internal targets. The growth team is responsible for the first impression a potential client makes of CIM Enviro and upholding that impression across all aspect of our operational practices.

My career has been focused on B2B technology, spanning from small start-ups to NASDAQ listed Unicorns. I have worked for companies such as Groupon, Mindbody, Rezdy and various early-stage startups across key technology hubs in San Francisco, London and Sydney.

I couldn’t imagine working in any other industry. Watching companies grow from an idea to an established and successful company driven by the hard work of individuals, keeps me pushing every day.

Dr Troy Wilson

Chief Data Scientist Officer

When I first met David, I was excited by the opportunity to apply the latest algorithms in AI and Machine Learning on the large data sets available at CIM to deploy scalable solutions to improve energy efficiency to achieve a significant global impact.

At CIM Enviro, I have the responsibility for research and development into the optimisation of the built environment. I’m also focused on monetising the impact changes in energy consumption have on wider energy and emissions markets for clients.

I have a PhD in Robotics and Machine Learning acquired at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics developing and applying algorithms for autonomous vehicles. Previously, I was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in charge of derivatives trading across the UK and European Electricity, Gas, Coal, Dry Freight and Carbon Emissions markets before returning to Australia to set up Goldman Sachs’ Australian energy trading business.

Howie Mann

VP of Operations

Joining CIM Enviro most recently in May 2019, I was drawn to solving the big challenge of energy efficiency and automation across the global built environment. As the new VP of Operations, I’ll be responsible for client engagement and the operation of our expert engineering team. I enjoy the opportunity to work with our teams which bring together expert mechanical engineering talent and bleeding edge IoT and ML technology.

Previously, I led Customer Acquisition and Onboarding at B2B SaaS company SafetyCulture. I built new organic growth channels which contributed to 50% of global signups and hired, trained and managed a team of +25 across customer facing and SEO roles. Prior to that, I had a 7-year career in investment banking (across Macquarie and CBA) specialising in equity capital markets and advising technology companies.

Paul Walsh

General Manager CIM Enviro EMEA

Leading CIM Enviro’s European expansion, I joined the team in May 2019. With a passion for promoting steps we can all take to combat climate change the reason I joined CIM Enviro is that I was able to witness how our disruptive technology can remove barriers to delivering demand-side energy saving for large commercial property owners in a very short timeframe.

Prior to joining CIM Enviro, I led the Johnson & Johnson Ireland Energy team for their six manufacturing sites, delivering over 15,000MT of CO2 reduction programs and also working on several sustainability initiatives. With 20 years of industry experience in delivering energy savings for large multinationals, I’m a Certified Energy Manager, with a B.Tech (Hons) in Manufacturing Technology, and an MBA from the University of Limerick.

Colin Cullinan

Platform Lead

It became clear about 5 years ago that the IT industry was moving toward web technologies and cloud computing. Companies like Amazon were democratizing IT by reducing infrastructure costs and barriers for entry. I was really excited by the possibilities. Anyone could build something great, all that was needed were ideas. When the opportunity arose to join CIM Enviro, I felt it was perfect timing. Here was the great idea I was looking for, not only technically but also ethically and environmentally.

I get huge satisfaction from seeing a design go from a concept to a full product release and I love creating value where there was none and making life easier for our customers by reducing their costs and improving efficiencies.

Antonious Mickaeal

Head of Engineering

I joined CIM Enviro in 2014 to become part of a disruptive company that is shaking up an outdated industry. After six years as a controls engineer, I was frustrated. Companies were putting controls systems in place but the engineers were not involved in the ongoing operation or monitoring of the building. This rendered the building, in the majority of the cases, inefficient and uncomfortable for tenants.

At CIM Enviro we improve tenant conditions as well as save energy and the property owner gets the building that was designed for them. As a result- driven person, I love proving how beneficial we are to the client.

I love the idea that we are making an impact, not just on the industry, we are also making the world a better, cleaner, more efficient place.

News & Press

CSIRO ‘Best In Class’

CIM Enviro’s technology, the ACE Platform, is a real-time Balance Sheet Optimisation portal that seeks to streamline the three biggest expense items in property management budgets: Energy (~28%), Repairs & Maintenance (~40%) and Maintenance Contracts (~29%).

Pricing is based on delivering a target payback of 6-12months and a target cost saving of between 14% and 32%.

QICGRE 2018 ESG Report

CIM Enviro is delighted to have our partnership with leading Australian commercial real estate property company, QIC Global Real Estate, highlighted in its Annual Report.
Given the scope of QICGRE’s Australian portfolio and the material benefits our technology can produce, we are very excited to be partnering with QICGRE in reducing their carbon footprint, reducing costs and ultimately delivering on their sustainability goals.

Westpac Emerging Industries Report 2018

Clean and connected businesses like CIM Enviro are paving the way for Australia’s future economic growth, according to Westpac’s Smart Industry Report on Emerging Industries. It was great to work with Westpac on this report and to see its commitment to empowering emerging Proptech businesses to meet their full potential.

2018 South Australia Climate Leaders Award with Adelaide Airport

CIM Enviro & Adelaide Airport have been announced as finalists in The SA Climate Leaders Awards which celebrates leaders in climate action. Adelaide Airport had a goal – to become one of the most sustainable airports in the world. By partnering with CIM Enviro to deploy SMART building analytics, it is well on its way to achieving that.

2018 AIRAH Awards ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ Shortlist

CIM Enviro’s place on the finalist list for AIRAH’s ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ award is a real endorsement of our work. Our place on the shortlist alongside the International Convention Centre (Sydney), Crown Casino (Melbourne) and ANU (Canberra) is a great affirmation.

Green List - Fault detection in buildings is an energy winner

Waiting until tenants complain, equipment breaks down or energy bills eat into your bottom line before you decide on asset improvements is no way to manage a building, especially when there are better alternatives available.

This Australian startup which uses connected tech to reduce power bills just landed $3 million in Series A funding

Sydney company CIM Enviro, which uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to help customers reduce energy usage, has announced the completion of a $3 million series A funding round.

See what CIM Enviro can do for your building!

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