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Our ACE (Automated Commissioning for Energy) Platform is advanced building tuning software that streams live performance data and uses machine learning and real-time data processing. ACE finds operational inefficiencies in live data and alerts onsite teams of the necessary corrective actions to prevent expensive repairs, reduce energy consumption and maintenance spend.

Some of the benefits of installing our ACE Platform include; significant reductions in energy bills, optimisation of maintenance spend, improved contractor performance, fewer tenant complaints and the standardisation of portfolio management.

What we do

Cost Reduction - Less Energy, Smaller Bill

Reductions in energy usage mean a reduction in your energy bills – as well as your maintenance, spend and the need for costly investigations of healthy equipment. In optimising your building operations, you can save up to 16% – 40% on costs.

Energy Usage Reduction - Fault Detection and Diagnosis

By detecting and diagnosing faults that are wasting energy, we are able to provide solutions to on-site teams. In fixing these faults, we can generate significant reductions in inefficient energy consumption.

Increased Lifespan - Optimising your Assets

The ACE Platform is able to detect faults in equipment and optimise their operation so you don’t have to install any new or expensive hardware.

Fewer Carbon Emissions - Saving Energy and the Planet

By reducing your energy wastage and consumption, you also reduce the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere and increase the environmental sustainability of the planet. While your carbon footprint decreases, you can bring your NABERS rating up.

Fewer Tenant Complaints - Increased Thermal Comfort

The ACE Platform has demonstrated that it can identify imminent tenant complaints before they occur, allowing for pre-intervention to keep your tenants happy.

Increase your environmental rating.

We help your operations and facilities move away from being reactive to being proactive and predictive.

Asset management is more than an archive of information – at CIM Enviro, asset management is how your assets are being maintained, by who, where they are and how much it’s costing you. Asset management is monitoring and tracking real-time performance in order to predict inefficiencies and proactively resolve issues.

The ACE Platform enables you to predictively control your facility asset landscape saving you money, time and energy.

ACE Products

ACE Energy

Real-time NMI analysis of energy consumption and demand.

ACE Maintenance

Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD); Tracking, analysing and reporting on your building performance.

ACE Comfort

Live heatmap of tenant zones to monitor and ensure tenant comfort.

ACE Commissioning

Identify and report on faults during the Defects Liability Period (DLP).

ACE Contractor

Vendor management; track monthly BMS and mechanical contractor performance.

Optimising businesses - big and small.

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