Building performance


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How it works

ACE Online is the industry leading fault detection software platform as recognised by CSIRO.

Simply upload your log file below. Our fault detection algorithms will read the data and pinpoint performance issues in the building. CIM Enviro engineers will then produce and share your customised building performance report that’s guaranteed to highlight operational improvements.


How to access your free building tuning report:

  • Simply export the raw building log files for your AHU’s, VAVs or Chillers for the past week of operation.
  • Click on the ‘Upload cloud’ below
  • Complete the short form and upload your files
  • Receive your fault detection and diagnosis report within 24 hours

Click on the upload cloud.
Reduced energy usage and cost savings are waiting for you.

What happens next

    • Apply our machine learning algorithm to your log files to find key insights on performance
    • Our engineers will be in touch to discuss the findings of your personalised building performance report within 24 hours. View a sample report here